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Warning! 22 Ft Water slide Requires Double gates for back yard access.
If you do not have double gates when delivery crew arrives to set up the    22 ft. water slide, you will be charged half the rental total without receiving rental equipment!
       In order for party rental equipment to be delivered and set up, the set up area must be clean of all cat and dog poop. Grass taller than 4 inches must be mowed. Path ways must be cleared of any/all obstacles / objects. Delivery crew is NOT allowed to drive through alleys to deliver Inflatables or any other equipment. Surface of ground must be flat, NOT high and low ground. Delivery crew will not clear any path ways or pick up after your pets. Delivery crew has the right to refuse set up if ground surface is not clear, clean, and flat / level. I understand if the delivery crew can not set up do to any of the above listed problems I will be charged half the rental total without receiving rental equipment. If deposit was paid with a credit / debit card I agree to have the card charged for full deposit amount.
We can set up on landscaped rock upto 1/2 inch in size for a $10 charge. If the setup area is unlandscaped dirt with lots of rocks any bigger than Quarter inch mixed in with the dirt and the setup crew has to remove the rock from the dirt, there will be a $30 landscaping charge. If you have questions, please call 623-247-1616 and a rep can assist you. You can remove the rock from the dirt yourself with a push broom. Trust us, it is easy, just use a push broom and broom the rock off to the side! We recommend using a 24 inch push broom.
     You can cancel your reservation 7 days before the date of your party and we will refund your deposit.
         If you cancel any time 6 days before your parties date, you will not be refunded the deposit.
        If winds exceed 15mph you must turn off blower to inflatables(s).
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If winds exceed 15 mph you must turn off blower to inflatable(s).
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Bounce then slide
There is a $10.00 tarping Fee if we set up on dirt or rock!
Please mow grass taller than 4 inches.
There will be a $30 landscaping charge if delivery crew has to remove rock from setup area. (please read agreement above)
Please pick up after your Pets!!!
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