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Phoenix jumpers rents jumpers also known as bounce houses along with tables and chairs for birthday party’s, weddings, special events, church events, fundraisers, corporate events, baseball teams, basketball teams, back yard parties, adult parties, reunions, and more.  

You can rent these bounce houses, jumpers, water slides, obstacle courses, games and other inflatable for as low as $50 - $350 and all our rentals are for all day! You save lots of money because we don’t limit you to 4 or 8 hours! 
Jumper rentals in phoenix     

Here are some of the inflatable jumpers and bouncers we offer

big bounce house 15 x 15 holdes 1,000 pounds of people insideHuge Very Big bounce house 5 in 1 combo jumper holds 1,200 pounds of people insidedino the dinousar bounce house jumper 13x13 holds 800 pounds of people inside

princess palace bounce house jumper 13 x 13 holds 800 pounds of people insidecombo bounce house jumper has a 16 foot obstacle course and 8 foot slide and basket ball hoop inside16 foot dry slide is 30 feet long and holds 1,000 pounds of kids on it. great winter fun

30 foot long dual lane slip and slide. 2 kids or adults can slide on this slip and slide at the same timehuge giant wet water slide 22 feet tall and 35 feet long with big huge splash pool for kids and adults water fun16 foot wet water slide with splash pool for fun water partys. kids and adults party fun water slide