Now Hiring!
We are Hiring for Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.
Positions Available:
Delivery Crew ( set up and pick up Bounce houses, water slides, tables, chairs and other rental equipment)
Position Discription:
You will be folding, rolling, lifting, heavy inflatable vinal bounce houses and water slides and handling sandbags, tables, chairs.
$12 - $17 per drop | $12 - $25 per Pick-up | paid daily!
Requirements: Drug Free. Must have good hygiene. Must be able to lift 100 pounds.  Must be able to work out side in Summer or Winter.
Must have a vehicle or live in walking distance to Indian school road and 87 Ave.
       If you have your own 1\2 ton truck or bigger and willing to use it to make deliverys and pickups you will be paid more than the above listed Pay rate and is a big plus.
If you can't see the application below adjust the zoom by pushing the ctrl button on your keyboard and scroll the mouse wheel.
First and Last name
Address were you live
Do you have your own vehicle to get to work
Yes i have my own vehicle to get to work
No i do not have a vehicle
Choose your working preference
I like to work with others
I like to work alone
Do you have a Drivers licence
Have you ever been charged with a felony? If yes explain
Do you have a CCW
I dont know what a ccw is.
If you have your own truck would you be willing to use it for making deliverys and pick ups
Yes. Always
Yes sometimes if it is needed
i dont have a truck
Please list your height and weight
What is the longest you have ever worked at one company
Are you currently employeed? If so where do you work, who is your supervisor, what is there contact info.
What days can you work
Do you have experience setting up Bounce houses. If so explain
Is getting to work at 7am hard for you to do?
I prefer to work
the morrning shift (7am-2pm)
The after noon shift (3pm-10pm)
I can work from 7am - 10pm
when was the last time you smoked a joint?
Explain you past work history and ethics
Are you looking for short term work or long term work or seasonal
phone #