Affordable Water Slide Rentals Phoenix
We have 16 ft water slide rentals phoenix, 20 foot water slide rentals phoenix, and 22 foot water slides. We deliver all our slides in phoenix, avondale, laveen, glendale and Peoria.
Water Slide Rentals in Phoenix

30 Ft tall Double Ln Tsunami Water slide rental
double Lane Tsunami 22 Ft
$499 All Day!
Great hit for any large party. Best waterslide in Phoenix for large events or Huge party's!

24 Ft tall single lane Tsunami water slide rental
22Ft Tsunami wave water slide
$429 all day!
Big blue marble water slide is a show stopper. This is very tall and lots of fun. Make a Big splash in this slides huge pool.

22 Ft.Monster Wet & Dry Slide
This Water slide Requires Double gates for back yard access
You Must Have a 4 Foot Wide gate or bigger for back yard access
Huge 22 foot dry slidegiant 22 foot waterslide
$399 Wet
$249 Dry
Waterslide rentals Phoenix!
This Wet / Dry slide is amazing. You can rent it in the winter or summer. If you are looking for a water slide rental within phoenix or avondale we have the slide to meet your needs. Renting water slides is a lot of fun when it gets too hot. We have huge water slides for events and VIP Partys and we have cheap water slides. So whether your looking for a low price waterslide or a Huge / Big waterslide in phoenix, we have the right slide for you.
If your having a big / huge  hawaiian luau party this is perfect. Hawaii special water slide. Inflatable Water slide rentals phoenix.
20 Foot Huge Water Slide Rental
You Must Have a 4 Foot Wide gate or bigger for back yard access
monster dry slide rental in phoenix
$349 Wet
$199 Dry
Look at the Pitch on this waterslide. Its amazing. Very steep for a extremely fast sliding experience. This waterslide is the fastest sliding slide you will find! This looks big but you have no idea. It is huge in person. The platform on this 20 foot slide is taller than most roof lines. (See the videos)
Inflatable Water slide
18 Ft Water Slide rental
dual lane water slide
 $349 All Day!
Double lane Water slide 18 foot tall is great for big partys and any event. This water slide rental will cycle lots of people threw it. Cut the waiting time to play in Half!
16 Foot Water Slide
30 Foot Long
Huge 16 foot Water slide rental in phoeinx Arizona
$249 wet  $149 Dry All day
16 feet of wet & fun. Try out our 16 foot waterslide with a big splash pool. Lots of fun & excitement for kids and adults. Perfect house party waterslide. This slide is Vibrant in color very safe and fun slide for all ages.
Call and reserve yours today. We only have 2 of these and its a first come first serve.
Water Slide Rentals Phoenix
14 Ft Tall Back load water slide rentals
water slide rental phoenix AZ
This 14 foot tall kids water slide rental is perfect for most front yards and back yards.
Great for ages 3-12 years old
$189 Keep All Day!

Slip and Slide!
slip n slide dual lane 30 foot long
Normally $199.00All Day!
Current special $169.00ends very soon!
30 feet long dual lane slip and slide. Lots of summer
fun. Great for back yard partys or events like church, corporate, Vip, or family reunion event.
Race each other down the slip n slide to the end and see who wins!
13 Ft Wet slide
Toddler water slides for rent
 $199 All Day!
Basic 13 Ft tall toddler water slide rental perfect for back yard birthdays and get togethers. Adults can play on this waterslide as well! Best water slide rentals Phoenix!
Toddler Water slide
12 Ft dolphin inflatable double lain toddler and pre-teen water slide
This is a double lane toddler water slide with 2 slides and 2 entrances!
Great for ages 2-7 years old!
$179 Keep All Day!
Dunk Tank rentals phoenix
dunk tank rental phoenix
$199 All Day!
This is a very fun event at any fundraiser or party. Have a great time throwing balls at a target to dunk whoever is on the seat above the water and watch them fall in when you hit the target. Dunk tanks are very popular at events and partys. "water slide rentals phoenix"
Water Slide Rentals Phoenix
Water Slide rentals Phoenix Arizona.
Choose from a 16 foot waterslide or 20 foot huge waterslide or a 22 foot Giant water slide for your party and keep it all day. (ALL DAY RENTAL)
Bounce then slide jumpers is your #1 source for water slide rentals phoenix.
Inflatable Water slide rentals phoenix. Big huge water slide rentals phoenix.