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Things to look for when renting a inflatable bounce house

Waterslide rentals in phoenix, Az can be hard to find. There are quite a few places that rent water slides but who are they and what do they offer? You could rent a wet or dry slide from a real business or a mom and pop outfit who works a job monday through friday. Who gives the best deals and prices and is it worth it? How do they maintain their slides and what condition are they in? Inflatable water slide can be expensive to up keep and maintain. There is a lot of parts on a water slide that include the sliding mat, stairs, pool, pool liner and more. All these items on a water slide must be removed and cleaned for a thorough cleaning. You don't want to rent a water slide from some one who let there dog urine on it or kids urine inside the pool! So What can a person renting a water slide expect to pay for a inflatable waterslide? This depends heavily upon the size of the water slide itself. The smaller the slide, the less cleaning involved (low price) and the less people required to set it up/take in down (employee cost is less). Lets go over the sizes and Prices. A Toddler water slide 9 ft tall 25 ft long should run about $145-$169. A slip and slide single lane 30 ft long $149-$169. Slip and slide dual lane 30 ft long $179-$199. Add another $45 to slip and slide price with a pool. 12 - 16 ft tall water slides $225-$255. Water slides 18 ft tall $285-$325. 20 ft tall water slide $350-$400. 22 ft tall water slide $425-$455. These Prices are based on what it does cost a business to pay employee's to clean a water slide, set up a waterslide, and pick up a water slide. These prices would not include a travel or delivery charge. You could save some $ using a mom and pop who own their waterslide however they More than likely Won't clean the water slide, or May not show up for many reseasons (to lazzy, got drunk the night before, friends want to hang out, vehicle problems, made other plans and forgot, get sick, not worried about the bills that week and tired of working their job. So they won't deliver the water slide do to extreme labor involved, or someone else offers them more $ so they deliver to the other person, etc. There are lots of cases and reseasons for a mom and pop not to show up on time or at all to your party.) It's not worth trying to save $20-$50 to risk ruining your party. Other problems include they do show up and change the price last second, or the slide smells like urine ( sitting water rolled up in a water slide not cleaned and dried out will smell like urin or arigation water after 2 days!) There really is urine inside your rented slide. The stitching is not keeping up and it finally rips on your party and you incur the damage costs and or the slide is not usable, the slide is dirty, does not come with a sprinkler hose to spray water on the slide to keep wet, on and on and ON! NOT WORTH THE SMALL savings and HUGE RISKS!
RED Flags from companys that rent inflatable water slides by the hour. Never use a company that charges by the hour. IT DOES NOT MATTER HOW LONG YOU HAVE IT. The cost to clean is the cost to clean! Think about it. If you rent for 4 hours or 1 hour or 8 hours it needs to be cleaned. Water slides dont rent based on the hour, they rent based on the cost of set-up, pick-up, maintanace, and CLEANING! Uh-Oh they just told on themselves! THEY DON'T CLEAN THEIR Water slides if they charge by the hour! The cost to clean is the cost to clean, is the cost to clean!!! Your renting a dirty water slide with GOD only knows what is on and inside it! THAT'S NASTY! You might as well go swim in a canal or in irrigation water! [ ok if you rent a water slide for 4 hours and a company charges per hour they can't afford to clean it for #1) the price you pay and #2) there trying to re-rent the same day and there is no time to clean between rentals!!!!!! And if they don't clean between rentals, they don't clean until the end of the whole week or month! And that is if you are LUCKY!